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shello and welcome to spacetimewrestletime.come  


hello an welcome to my website for spacetime wrestletime me and stupendos show weekly recaps of all the best wrestle news that is fit to print

my nam e is johnnie and i am 35 years old and i hate PC bullcrap its ruining our culture and all the liberal pedos now use it like a raygun to get the college queer's to get in line and ddo exactly what they want just look around the china flu and you will see mask mask mask i cant even get my bagel in the morning without some PC libtard getting offendod that i dont have mask on and not to mention theirs has flowers o r some liberal party line slogan (democrates are anti christ btw) JOE BIDEN AND HIS CRONIES STOLE THE ELECTION, WE MUST FIGHT BACk  

my favorite wrestling match is eddie guera and ray mysterio for custody of damien guerro they say that that match is what gave eddie the heartattach cos it broke his heart but there is some real good ladder play if you go and watch it on youtibe (lizard site) one day mark my words enough people are going to log on to these fakerberg sites and the orbital rod will activate kablowey!